Consumer PR

a female cannabis marketing director in a yellow suit kicking towards the camera because she's excited about the cannabis collaborations.

Cannabis Collaborations for Consumer Products

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Over the past decade, the cannabis industry has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from a predominantly illicit market into a thriving legal industry with a diverse range of products. This growth has been fueled by changing regulations, increasing…
what should consumer brands do to prepare for the holiday shopping season

Consumer Brands Experts: Prepare for the Holiday Season Now

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A couple of times a year, I reach out to my network of consumer brand experts and agency owners to ask them what they're telling their clients right now. As consumer brands prepare for the holiday shopping season, my SEO, PR, Content, and Web…
PR's role today's new consumer marketing funnel driven by GenZ

The Role of PR in the New Consumer Funnel

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The new customer lifecycle model was first coined by Vogue Business when they declared "GenZ broke the marketing funnel." A pretty bold statement, yet there's evidence to suggest this is true. Rethinking the marketing funnel is serious business…
do consumer PR agencies need to be local

Do Consumer PR Agencies Need to Be Local?

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Public relations (PR) plays a huge role in establishing and preserving a company’s, organization’s, or person’s reputation today. It helps build and maintain good relationships between an organization and its stakeholders. Moreover, they…
why hiring an experienced cannabis PR firm is important

Why Does Hiring a PR Firm Experienced in Cannabis Public Relations Matter?

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Ask anyone working in the cannabis business, and they will tell you that it is unlike any other. This product isn’t “just another CPG.” It’s an intensely volatile, closely monitored, and strictly regulated sector, and a PR firm experienced…

Are PR Agencies Worth It?

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Have you ever wondered what makes certain brands stand out in a crowded marketplace? Beyond products and services, effective Public Relations (PR) plays a pivotal role. In this evolving digital age, understanding what a PR agency does and the…