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Why Is PR So Expensive?

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I have a friend who once described PR as the "dark arts," and while I completely disagree with that assessment, what he was getting at is he really didn't understand how PR works. Reputable PR firms are the opposite of "dark arts"; they're very…
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Do I Need a PR Agency?

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You might be wondering "do I need a PR agency?".  Have you ever wondered how certain companies stay in the limelight or handle crises so smoothly? The answer often lies with a PR agency, with PR experts at the helm. In a world where brand image…
Today's PR Trends

Today’s PR Trends: Emerging Techniques & Tactics for 2024

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What's happening in PR that you need to know about today? PR is a dynamic and powerful tool that can be leveraged for almost any audience, whether they be buyers, investors, or consumers; every one of them is influenced by the media. It's important…
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3 Great Ways to Use PR for CPG Product Launch

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CPG product launch PR is integral to winning CPG campaigns. A consumer product launch is an essential event for any company–and even more so for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Successful product launches can increase market share,…
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What to Expect from Top Cannabis PR Firms

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In an era where the cannabis industry is evolving rapidly, the role of top cannabis PR firms has become more crucial than ever. These specialized agencies are not just about creating buzz; they're about navigating complex legal landscapes, altering…
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What to Expect from Top Los Angeles PR Agencies

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Have you ever pondered the impact of top Los Angeles PR agencies in shaping the narratives of businesses and celebrities alike? Los Angeles PR firms with PR experts at the helm are pivotal architects of public perception and brand success in…