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11 Twitter Accounts Every Cannabis CEO Should Follow

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Cannabis CEOs have challenging jobs. You're in the fast-moving cannabis business, so you're also in the business of understanding trends and our industry. For that reason, we put together a shortlist of our favorite cannabis Twitter accounts,…
6 Free Cannabis PR Ideas

6 Free Cannabis PR Ideas During a Cannabis Correction Without Additional Costs

6 Free Cannabis PR  Ideas for an Industry Correction Now is the time to maximize brand value on things that don't cost extra. You may look at these 6 cannabis PR ideas and wonder what they have to do with PR, but when you consider that your…
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Capitalizing on the Trend of Celebrity Cannabis CEOs

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So you want to make your CEO the star? It's a growing trend and there's still room for your celebrity cannabis CEO. The cannabis industry is ready for you, and you can take some tips from outside the cannabis industry to capitalize on the opportunity. From…
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CBD Marketing & PR: Don’t Let Hemp Seed Oil Steal Your Thunder

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You know it: CBD beauty marketing is competitive. We've all seen it, it's a thing, especially in the beauty industry: big-name players with big budgets purposely confusing consumers with hemp seed oil to take advantage of the CBD beauty marketing…
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Turning Cannabis Event Marketing into Public Relations Opportunities

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As of today, there are 108 cannabis business tradeshows and expos around the world listed on our conference resource. It's near impossible to go to them all and more importantly when you choose one, how do you turn an event into a consumer or…
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5 Ways Cannabis PR will Change in 2020

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How should companies prepare for cannabis PR in 2020 with an ever-changing media landscape? While the cannabis industry shows no sign of slowing down, the media landscape has seen some dramatic changes in the last year, and that affects even…