5 PR Trends CMOs Need to Watch in 2021

5 PR Trends CMOs Need to Watch for 2021 [6 minute reading time] There’s no shortage of uncertainty in marketing and PR planning for 2021. But there are some trends happening that are sure to impact PR and Marketing in 2021. At Avaans PR, CMO’s love us because we know consumer trends impact where our […]

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Social Ads During COVID Case Studies

Successful Influencer Campaigns in 5 Steps

Successful Influencer Campaigns Aren’t Unicorns PR has a number of tools in its tool belt, one of them is successful influencer campaigns & partnerships. In consumer goods, influencer marketing is establishing a significant place in the mix. When we see some of these campaigns, a little part of our PR soul dies. Frankly, some of […]

5 Emotions For Your Marketing & When To Use Them

Imagine your advertising and marketing becoming 2X more effective overnight. Using emotions in marketing and branding is the key to more effective campaigns According to Roger Dooley, emotional ads work TWICE as well as rational ads. So it’s important your campaign incorporates emotion from the start. You can deploy these emotions through copy and creative in […]