does google hate AI?

Does Google Hate Generated ChatGPT Content?

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We find ourselves amid a monumental transformation, a groundbreaking era in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping content creation. What initially started as a subtle tremor has now surged onto our digital horizons, offering boundless…
effective PR strategies for every startup stage makes this CEO confident and happy

Effective PR Strategies for Every Startup Stage: Seed to Series C

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Public relations is the art of managing communication between an organization and its various stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and the media. In the world of startups, effective PR can be a game-changer. Crafting effective…
the future of chatgpt content for brands

The Future of ChatGPT Content: A Human Perspective

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Should I Use ChatGPT for Content Writing? Welcome to the dawn generative AI, including images and AI in content writing. As we enter this brave new world, an AI model named ChatGPT glows brightly on the horizon, stirring the imagination of…
rvenue increases from PR

3 Ways to Track Revenue Increases from PR

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Does PR generate revenue? PR, like SEO, reaches people in two customer journey phases. The first is the "Oh! I didn't know I needed that!" also known as awareness, and it also reaches people in the research phase, also known as consideration.…
Growth marketing and PR can work together, and make everything work better.

Can Growth Marketing and Public Relations Work Together?

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Can growth marketing and public relations work together. Growth marketing is about customer acquisition and retention, often through paid media, with relentless iterations and deeply engaged knowledge of the consumer. Public relations is reputation…