best cannabis pr firm

How To Choose The Best Cannabis PR Firm For You

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What is a top cannabis firm anyway? How important is it that someone else thinks a PR agency is great? What YOU need to know is if a leading cannabis firm is right for YOU. If you are leading a cannabis business or are trying to grow and develop…
Tips for cannabis brands preparing for adult use

3 Cannabis Branding Tips for Businesses Preparing for Adult-Use

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Cannabis Branding Is About To Become Extremely Important To Cannabis CMOs and Founders Adult-use marijuana is on the ballot and in the minds of thousands of people in the United States this fall. Adult-use, especially in California, because…
3 Massive Cultural Trends for Emerging Business CMOs

3 Massive Cultural Trends for Emerging Brands

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[4 minute read time] Today's CMOs are constantly scanning the news and social networks for the latest trends and cultural shifts. For emerging brands, cultural trends and shifts couldn't be more important. But even the savviest of CMOs needs…
GenZ Insights for CMOs and Marketers

5 GenZ Insights CMOs Need to Know

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5 Must-Know GenZ Insights for CMOs and Marketers [5 minute read] GenZ vs. Millenials: What Marketers Need to Know GenZ is coming and CMOs and marketers need insights now. After a decade of news about Millenials, here comes GenZ, they make…
Hire in-house PR or a PR agency?

Why Do PR: Should You Hire In-House or Agency for Marketing and PR?

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Why do PR? Emerging or growing brands often ask should I hire in-house or use a PR agency? They're asking themselves this question against a wild backdrop and volatile marketplace. But even during corrections, thousands of businesses are finding…
is a press release worth it?

Is A Press Release Worth It?

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Is the press release dead?  For years now, that question has been hanging over the public relations/journalism world. And the question is a fair one - when millions of press releases are issued daily, often without consideration of the journalists…