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social media influencer disclosure

Social Media Influencers: When To Disclose

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Updated FTC Guidance on Influencer Marketing Disclosure Updated July 13, 2023   The FTC's job is to preserve consumer trust. When the FTC adds clarity to its regulations, the purpose is usually to make the guidelines more clear, and…
Purpose Driven Public Relations

How to Decide When Choosing PR, Marketing or Branding Agency?

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At Avaans,  we offer those services to our clients, but sometimes we find our clients think they need one thing when what they actually need is another. So what's the difference and when should you use each as a strategy. In truth, your…
reasons every ceo needs a ghostwriter for effective thought leadership

3 Reasons Every CEO Needs a Ghostwriter

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What do Jack Welch, Stephen R. Covey, and Richard Branson all have in common? Well, besides being some of the best-known business leaders in the world, they've all used ghostwriters. Hmmm...could there be a connection between those two things?…
What is a hyper-growth company

What Is A Hypergrowth Company?

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If there’s a single buzzword that describes what every entrepreneur and investor is chasing right now, it’s “hyper-growth.” Hypergrowth refers to the exponential expansion that certain businesses experience as they quickly go from non-entity…
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The Dave and Busters Tweet Lesson: Stand By Your Brand

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This week, with the Dave and Busters "Juan" tweet yet another social media gaffe made it's what into the collective conversation. It sparked furious cries of racism. It sparked snickers. It sparked the "holier than thou" media to earn mega points…