CEO preparing for IPO with communication and PR plan

8 Essential PR Components for a Successful IPO

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I was on a webinar presented by Morgan Stanley and PwC about preparing for an IPO - and something struck me - there was optimism, and the organizations were signaling their faith in the return of IPOs, soon. 2023 has been an IPO graveyard, but…
healthtech PR strategies

Top 5 PR Strategies for HealthTech Communicators

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In the fast-paced world of HealthTech, effective communication and healthtech PR plays a vital role in shaping the success and reputation of a company. Because it is a fast-growing, emerging industry, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and founders…
PR for Pre-IPO companies
The Future of Health Technology

The Future of Health Technology: Predictions and Trends

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With technology advancing rapidly, the healthcare industry expects to undergo significant changes in the years to come. From personalized medicine to wearable devices, the future of health technology promises to increase patient satisfaction,…
healthtech pr needs emerging industry experts

Why HealthTech PR Needs Emerging Industry Experts

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All emerging industries face two distinct communication challenges which is why healthtech PR needs emerging industry experts. The first crucial hurdle is creating trust with the stakeholders. Whether your primary audience is consumers or venture…
Healthtech PR professional with pink ribbon symbol

What is Healthtech PR?

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The emerging healthtech industry has increased in recent years due to several factors, including an aging population, increasing demand for personalized care, and the rising cost of healthcare facilities. However, the increasing competition…