founder feeling confident that his hypergrowth pr budget is what he needs

How Much Should Hypergrowth PR Budgets Be?

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By definition, hypergrowth companies are outliers. Hypergrowth is defined by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40%. Companies grow that fast by pouring on the gas and reinvesting every dollar back into the company - usually, in the earliest…
smiling woman holding a computer thinking about growth strategies for her b2b PR plan

Growth Strategies for B2B Tech That Improve Reputation

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With 2023 in the rearview mirror, the collective attention of B2B tech companies turns to 2024. While the Fed is looking to drop rates in 2024, and that may help out startups looking for venture capital, there are still many strategies that…
What do PR firms for for fast growing companies

What Do PR Firms Do?

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Ever wonder why certain brands stand out in the marketplace or how they consistently garner positive media attention? The secret behind successful brands is effective public relations managed by reputed PR firms. But what do PR firms do precisely?…
female executive who works at a PR agency answering how much does a PR agency cost

How Much Does a PR Agency Cost?

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Maybe you've never hired a PR firm before, or maybe it's been a while and you're just unsure of what a PR agency costs. Either way, you're asking yourself, "how much will a PR firm cost me?" Since PR usually falls within the marketing budget,…