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Social Media Influencers: When To Disclose

Because of continuing conversations with colleagues, brands, and influencers, I wanted to put some guidelines together for based on the FTC’s native advertising guidelines or influencer disclosure. The FTC has shot some arrows over the bow in the last several years regarding native advertising disclosure, including calling out Warner Bros. and Lord and Taylor. In both […]

How Much Should You Spend on Cannabis Marketing?

How much should you use for cannabis marketing budgets? You can see the cannabis market changing daily and yet we haven’t even reached anywhere close to a zenith in cannabis purchases. It’s easy to be lulled into thinking that a growing market allows you to limit your marketing budget. Unfortunately, no. Despite the growing businesses, […]

What IS Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why do you need a digital strategy and what is it? Since digital and social media are so accessible, it’s easy to think the results are just as accessible. But the truth is, simply BEING on social media isn’t a strategy any more (if it ever was enough). The digital world has brought us many, […]