4 Reasons Why PR Boosts Marketing Results

4 Reasons Why PR Boosts Marketing Results   [Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes] One thing is for certain: These are only 4 reasons why PR boosts marketing results almost immediately.  Brands, business owners, and entrepreneurs often overlook PR as part of their marketing strategy. That’s a shame because one thing you’ll notice about any top-level […]

PR for DTC Brands

PR for Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brands [Reading Time: 5 minutes] Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are increasingly growing in popularity. While the industry itself is hardly an emerging industry, many DTC products represent a disruption in the status quo.  Instead of buying from a third-party retailer, customers can purchase products or services directly from the company. Businesses with […]

5 PR Trends CMOs Need to Watch in 2021

5 PR Trends CMOs Need to Watch for 2021 [6 minute reading time] There’s no shortage of uncertainty in marketing and PR planning for 2021. But there are some trends happening that are sure to impact PR and Marketing in 2021. At Avaans PR, CMO’s love us because we know consumer trends impact where our […]

PR Success: 3 Tips

Plan for public relations success with these critical 3 tips A little advance planning can make all the difference between public relations success and public relations frustration.  Public relations is increasingly important for companies and there’s nothing like a new year to give your brand and company a fresh image. PR firms are here to […]

Should You Hire In-House or Agency for Marketing and PR?

Emerging or growing brands often find themselves asking should I hire in-house or use a PR agency? They’re asking themselves this question against a wild backdrop and volatile marketplace. But even during corrections, thousands of businesses are finding their footing and growing. It truly is the wild, wild, west in right now. The reason executives […]

The Best Kept Secret in Journalist Relations

It’s no secret that social media applies to today’s brands. As I write this, Instagram is the social media darling of lifestyle, travel, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. Subject to change pending finicky social media trends. In the meantime, I’d like to bring a fresh perspective to another social channel you probably AREN’T using […]


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