What Google’s Latest Reviews Update Means for Consumer Products Digital PR

What Google’s Latest Product Reviews Update Means for Consumer Products Digital PR [4 minute read time] Product reviews are about to change and this will impact your digital PR and earned media, especially CPG or consumer product brands. Google is constantly updating how it evaluates websites, to surface the best content. As Google gets smarter, […]

Launching a Consumer Lifestyle-By Subscription with PR

Create an Edge with Powerful Purpose Driven Public Relations

Why Purpose-Driven Public Relations Have an Edge  It’s easy to see why some companies are skeptical of shifting to a “purpose-driven” business model. Doing so requires companies to take a position on important, potentially controversial issues like environmental protection, workers’ rights, racial and gender discrimination, income inequality, and so on. Is Taking a Stand the […]

Building a CPG Brand with Press Coverage

Wellness CPG PR

Building Trust with PR in a Volatile Environment

Building trust with PR is what tomorrow’s leading companies are doing today. Trust is a truly earned currency. There’s no fast tracking it and it’s easier to gain than it is to get back, so trust is a cherished and worthy asset for any company with ambitions. It’s essential for companies to build trust with […]