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the future of chatgpt content for brands

The Future of ChatGPT Content: A Human Perspective

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Should I Use ChatGPT for Content Writing? Welcome to the dawn generative AI, including images and AI in content writing. As we enter this brave new world, an AI model named ChatGPT glows brightly on the horizon, stirring the imagination of…
purpose driven initiatives for hyper growth companies and emerging industries

Why Hyper-Growth and Emerging Industries Thrive on Purpose Driven Initiatives

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On the surface, it might seem that purpose-driven companies differ vastly from hyper-growth companies or emerging industries, but nothing could be further from the truth. Purpose-driven perspectives for hyper-growth and emerging industries…
marketing trends for CPG startups

3 Marketing Trends for CPG Startups

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Not too long ago, DTC brands were on a tear. The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry grew at an incredible rate during the 2020 pandemic lockdown - to $933 billion up 10.4% from the previous year. And it wasn't just the big brands who saw…
pre-IPO PR roadmap

Pre-IPO PR Roadmap for Startups: Cybersecurity and ESG

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It's impossible to ignore the dismal status of IPOs right now. But investor advisors from PwC to Morgan Stanley are reminding startups - this will eventually change, and startups need to use this time strategically. As startups embark on their…
PR for Pre-IPO companies
what should startups focus on as VC funding shifts

3 Things Startups Focus On as VC Funding Shifts

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As uncertainty rises, funding falls. At least that's what the news would have you believe. But according to Inc. magazine, seed and angel deals are still trending upward, and early-stage companies with proven product are still getting most of…